Services Provided

Self Serve:

Our facilites are well equipped with large washers and dryers for large loads and bulky items, to small machines for single loads of laundry. We keep our washers clean, because you need a clean washer to have clean clothes. Our dryers are well maintained as well, so you can spend less time doing your laundry. Save time and make laundry day less of a chore at Manchester Laundromat.  

Wash and Fold: 

We provide full service wash and fold at our service counter. We use plant based, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable detergent as standard with all orders. We wash personal laundry, linens, large/bulky items, horse laundry, and any other machine washable items. Before dropping off your laundry please be sure to check pockets. Please inform the attendant of any special requests upon drop off such as staining, wash temperature, drying temperature, and fabric softeners. 

$1.80/lb, call for pricing on larger/bulky items.

Hand Pressing:

We press (iron) orders by hand to provide the best possible results. We can press almost anything from shirts and pants to extra large tablecloths and king size sheets. Please inform the attendant of any special requests, such as pleating, starch, and whether to hang or fold your freshly pressed garments and linens.

Call for pricing.

Green Dry Cleaning:

We provide drop off dry cleaning services fulfilled by William's Dry Cleaners in Granville, NY. We do not offer rush service on dry cleaning. We can also provide minor repair services. Please inform the attendant of any special requests.

Call for pricing. 


We do not currently provide alteration services, but would like to hear from anyone that does!